We will personally help you achieve your training goals
Our gym in Stafford offers daily structured small group personal training sessions tailored to your level!
Personalised training program

Our structured and tailored classes will get you to your goals. Measured, adjusted and appropriate to YOU.

Over 40 classes per week

We offer a range of classes at various times

Capacity limits

Class capacity limits - we keep it small so we can give you the attention you need

Fun & supportive environment

We keep you motivated and accountable in our safe gym community. You are not just a number to us and we don’t treat you like one.

Our difference

Train with an experienced coach every session.

Balance to You offers small group personal training sessions with high quality training in a community driven environment. We’ll teach you the fundamentals of barbell lifting and kettlebells in our small gym based classes. You will get stronger, more resilient, and take control of your health and fitness.

Our services


Happy & healthy members is what we strive for!

This is a great facility with a knowledgeable and professional team. Balance to You covers injury management, strength and conditioning coaching, and general wellness. The coaches provide proper and detailed instruction to ensure both positive results and longevity in an active and pain-free lifestyle. Highly recommended.

Ryan H - Bars and Bells gym member

I am so glad I've found the guys at Balance to You! My fitness had plateaued and my joints were in pain because I didn't have the muscle strength to support them. I knew I needed to do something, but I had never picked up weights in my life! Chris and Trent are amazing. Despite being incredible uncoordinated, they've stepped me through the movements and continue to make sure I'm doing them properly. My joints hurt less often, I feel stronger and I look stronger! Not to mention, motivation is way easier when you're waking up to go see an amazing group of humans. This gym really is something else!

Barbara W - Bars and Bells gym member

The people at B2U are motivated with a vast knowledge of fitness and recovery. I highly recommend these people for your strength and conditioning training. Plus they have people in-house that are qualified in remedial massage and acupuncture for your overall recovery which I also highly recommend. The people that come to this gym are great and make it fun and an enjoyable environment to train in! Keep up the great work B2U

Robert C

I wasn't sure how I would go when I started but thanks to a personalised programme and very small classes with a great coach I'm making good progress. This gym is a fabulous supportive community.

Sharon W - Bars & Bells gym member

Balance to You has provided me a community that motivates me to want to get up early and go to the gym. They not only support my fitness goals, but assist in my recovery by having a variety of holistic clinics available. The mix of strength and conditioning classes, as well as manual therapy sessions has helped me get over an old back injury. It has also helped me develop better self confidence.

Ruth C

I have been working out on my own on and off for some years but after only a month of working out here I noticed the biggest change in my fitness and body in such a short time (Thank you Chris and Trent!). It is a massive difference and the team is really supportive too. I love the energy and atmosphere and even if your fitness level is not high or have any health issues they are very accommodating and caring about your own journey and making it work for you. With everything they have on offer here it really is a holistic health improvement experience. The team that works out here are welcoming and offer a lot of encouragement. They are amazing people to work out with and I look forward to continuing my health improvement journey here!

Hana P

“Strength does not come from
winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength”

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Meet your trainers

Chris & Trent. The Yin & Yang of B2U, they compliment each other with differing and overlapping training styles, coaching methodologies and personalities. Their gym is an ecosystem of knowledge, diversity and inclusivity.

Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals and to help you on your journey to success, however that looks for you.

About us
Chris Dick
Head Coach
Trent Dolman
Allied Health Practitioner

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Feel free to shoot us a message or drop in anytime

5/36 Windorah St, Stafford QLD 4053
0466 492 704
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