2021. A B2U Review

December 15, 2021

Well, it has been a whirlwind of a year! Covid, lockdowns, toilet paper shortages and everything in between. We’ve all toughed it out and hopefully we’re starting to come out the other side of all of this. A little bit wiser, tougher, a bit more understanding and more focused. Covid, lockdowns, border closures. It’s been hard. But it hasn’t all been bad!

We've had some great things here at Balance to You this past year, we’ve raised money for charities, we’ve had two weddings!! New friendships & opportunities within our community and of course we’ve had a fantastic year of lifting and getting stronger and healthier within the gym.

Whilst the restrictions this past year did put a dampener on our social calendar, we did get together for our annual “Not Olympics” event which had members and guests dress up & compete in an olympic inspired event. We also had another fancy dress hurtlocker workout which had many people getting super creative in their outfits!

Amidst three of four lockdowns over the course of 2021 our gym members have pushed through, taken bells & equipment home, returned them. Taken them home again! And persevered through what has felt like the longest most drawn out, yet fastest ever year so far! This is a testament to their dedication to improving themselves and not allowing challenge and adversity to stop them from achieving their health and fitness goals.

The grit and determination shown to us by our members has been amazing to see and it truly inspires us to keep moving forward with our vision for Balance to You. 

And that brings us to December! We’ve got our programming set out for the holiday period to bring us through to mid January. Focusing on sustainable explosive power & conditioning + general strength and mobility work our next 8 weeks of training delivers flexibility in training to cater for busier than usual work & life schedules whilst still delivering maximum benefit.

Things to look out for in 2022 is the start of our Intro to Kettlebells workshops! We’re really excited to get these workshops off the ground and delivering high quality training and value to our community in a condensed workshop format!! Leading on from this we also plan to host technique workshops for the barbell lifts such as deadlifts and benchpress. Very exciting!!

We look forward to bringing you more content, continued high quality training and overall goodness to you in the new year and we hope to have you continue on the journey with us.

Let's get through December, have an amazing Christmas and New Years and get into it for 2022!!

Signing off for 2021 Trent & Chris

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