October 31, 2021

Why train at a community gym?

Training in the gym, for many, is a very personal experience. It’s your “you time”, your break from busy work/home life and it fulfils a sense of purpose. It allows you to stay healthy, safely manage stress, build confidence and mental fortitude.

There are many ways to train, at home in your garage or living room. Even in your backyard if you’re lucky enough to have one! It may be at a larger commercial gym, either going solo or with a friend. With a PT at a gym, or even at home. Throw in your larger group style workouts from F45’s, FitStops and Crossfit boxes and you’ve covered most of your training bases. 

All of the above are great ways to train, and some are uniquely suited to the individual and are just what they need. But what about your small (or big!) boutique or community based gym, where it’s a potential mix of all of the above?

Where you have the eye of the PT, but you have a bit of freedom in your training. Or you’re training with a bunch of buddies getting sh*t done! Perhaps you need specific work on a particular exercise and you have access to experts who can help you, whilst still training in a group environment.

In many cases your boutique or community gym, roll all of the different training options into one package, that allow for flexibility and scalability depending on the individual.

If you’re training at home and are fortunate enough to be able to crank out a new 1 RM on your back squat, you can give yourself a high 5 and maybe even share it on social media for the Likes. But if you get a new 1RM at a boutique gym, more than likely you’ve got your crew and coach there for support and safety and high 5’s afterwards whether you get the new 1RM or not. The Insta Likes are then just a given >_< 

What about community? At most commercial gyms you’re just a number in their system. They don’t care whether you turn up or not. It’s actually in their interest for you to not turn up as, as long as you’re paying for your membership. You might not show up regularly or do a stint after New Years and then not show up at all. Commercial gyms love this!! As they then have more capacity for more members who also will rarely use the equipment! Most commercial gyms have a few thousand members and often it’s a faceless and unrewarding experience. 

The community is what puts the community into Community Gym. You literally are the gym, you help make it happen, and the gym is there for you. Everyone knows your name, you deal directly with the coaches and owners and there is a sense of family.  This is ideal for those who have moved to a new city or inter-state. Those who struggle with the ever-changing environment of the larger gyms. Or those who need more care and attention but can’t afford ongoing 1-1 PT.

Training with your crew, friends or team makes your training more consistent. They help to hold you accountable. Training in a small group also helps you to push yourself. If another class member is crushing it, it can inspire you to push that little bit harder. It is common for healthy rivalries to be born between mates to continuously strive and outdo each other. 

You’re supported when you need it, life can be hard and challenging. We’ve all experienced huge upheaval recently with the Covid-19 pandemic. Some affected by this more than others. But it's the support that is on offer from boutique gyms that can help make someone's day a bit better. Global pandemics aside, when you train with a small community you have more support than if you’re training by yourself or at a larger facility. The personal touch is greater and more genuine in smaller communities.

This all boils down to, more consistent training, better habits, and guidance. Whilst also forging strong relationships and a sense of community. This leads to healthier, happier people :)

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