How To Find Balance Between Well Deserved Rest And Hard Work

February 13, 2022

Most of us have been in a situation where balancing work and social life seemed a bit difficult.

In our busy and fast paced society it's easy to lose perspective on when we should give our work life a 100% and when it would be better to relax.

Living without this balance often has negative effects on our mental and physical health, which starts a vicious circle of not being able to give anything your undivided attention and emotion.

Here we give some vital questions both for work and rest, that when answered can help you gain some perspective on what your current situation is and what you should do.


● How Focused Am I At The Moment?
Focus makes you work efficiently - the more focused you are on the task at hand, the better your output is regarding the time devoted to it.

Sometimes we don't realize how easily we get distracted by outside factors and this hinders our ability to get the job done in the best way possible.

If you notice that your focus keeps shifting from thing to thing and you leave a lot of actions unfinished and questions unanswered, it is probably a good idea to take a 15 minute break.

● How Much Do I Have Left And What Is My Time Limit?
You should ask yourself this question in order to find better ways to motivate yourself to finish what you have to.

When you know the quantity of the work itself and the time in which it should be done, you can separate the road ahead in different sections.

Reaching every section should come with some sort of reward so that you have the motivation to keep going and eventually get to the finish line.

By applying this method you don't feel as easily overwhelmed and you have some positive aspects to look forward to in a hard day's work.

● Does My Work Affect Me In A Positive Way Both Right Now And As A Whole?

Work should in general be a positive part of how we live - it takes up a lot of our time and resources and should therefore be rewarding in most aspects of our life so that it balances out.

If your work is bringing you joy as you're doing it or an overall sense of fulfilment it's a good sign that you should keep evolving in this area and keep investing both resources and mental energy in it.

A lot of people that genuinely enjoy their job don't need as much time to rest and unwind, in fact sometimes they feel invigorated both when they're working and when they're done.

That's not to say that they don't need any down time, but that the ratio between the two can be very different from the common one.


● Do I Feel Anxious?
Anxiety is synonymous with the need to rest.

Regardless of how much you love your work and how gratifying it may be, once you start feeling anxious or fidgety without a reason, taking a short break is a very good idea.

If this feeling persists or deepens in intensity and quantity it's good to take a longer rest and maybe seek some help, seeing as most anxiety disorders start this way.

Feeling a bit stressed is normal if you care about what you do, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take care of yourself and rest when you feel the need to.

● Am I Procrastinating?
Here we're talking about the opposite - when you've had too much rest.

People sometimes avoid starting to do what they have to for various reasons and find it hard to get back on track.

When you procrastinate you find excuses to distract yourself from your duties and realizing that is the first step towards fixing it.

It's very important to know the reasons behind your actions and although it might be hard to admit them from time to time, it's always worth it in the end.

● What Sort Of Rest Do I Need?
Sometimes you might need just a few minutes of rest and you're good as new, this is the most common need for rest and it's essential especially if the work is very tiring and long.

Sometimes a few hours or a day can be a better idea, especially if you feel overwhelmed and worry you can make mistakes that would otherwise be avoided.

If taking a break has been postponed for months you might need a few weeks off in order to fully recharge and although this is rarely the case, if it happens it is absolutely mandatory, because otherwise your physical and mental health can suffer.

Answering how long of a break you need is dependent on being honest about what you need and why.

It's also important to find out why you need some time off.

If you need to take your mind off a certain thing exercising is a great form of rest, and it can only take a few minutes or an hour of the day.

If you're tired overall most of the time a good night's sleep works like a charm or maybe a long and relaxing weekend.

If the problem is something deeper, which needs harder work and for which you might need time to think and figure out what to do next, then taking a vacation, or just time off work for a few weeks can help a lot.

Balancing work and rest is very important in our development.

It is also a pretty common problem regardless of age, making it something you'll likely find sympathy and understanding about.

While work is important and should be taken seriously, it shouldn't be all consuming and the same applies for rest.

Balance is a tricky thing because it's strictly unique, however we believe that answering the questions above will help guide you in the right direction.

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