The importance of sustainable gym training

October 31, 2021

You hear it every day, “being active and moving is good for our health” and it is!


But what model do you choose? There are so many training options and gym franchises available, we’re spoilt for choice. With too many items on the menu, there comes indecision. This is where enticement by marketing and the glamour of a quick fix or challenge creeps in.


Then the fitness industry tells you if your workout doesn't leave you exhausted and dripping with sweat you won't get results. This type of training mentality is often attributed to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Go to the gym, get smashed for 30-45mins and then you're done for the day. Come back tomorrow and do it again, and again, several times a week. The body gets addicted to the post workout high and you’re hooked! "Sign me up for five classes a week please!!" +1 for fitness!


The problem with only training HIIT, is that it places an excessive amount of stress on your body. The increase in stress on your body, leads to elevated cortisol levels, sleep deprivation, increased risk of injury and fatigue.


HIIT definitely gets results, there is no argument there, it will burn fat and help build some lean muscle for sure. But as the body adapts to this training style, what happens when we need to stop, take a break or time away due to work etc.?


When you are training everyday, have high cortisol levels and in a constant state of stress, stopping leaves your body in a state of confusion. Often is the case any weight or fat that has been lost is put back on quickly.


HIIT has its place, but we don’t believe it should be a daily practice and if it is, not an entire session devoted to it. There is a better way!


We believe in sustainable training. For some reason you need to take two weeks to a month off, you’re not going to immediately blow out and put back on the weight.


At Balance to You, some sessions you will feel like you’ve done some serious work, others you’ll come out feeling good. We make our training sessions sustainable by working within the 60-80% (of 1RM) threshold when it comes to powerlifting. Hardstyle kettlebell training to train muscles for strength and endurance. As well as working aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Specialised variety exercises to compliment primary lifts that are specific to an individual.


Our training sessions are designed that you can come in, get the work done and continue on your day able to function. This consistency, variable adjustment to load and intensity creates results and sustainability.


If you need a break from training, it isn't such a big deal. The large amounts of lean muscle mass that has developed helps to take the load of burning excess energy. So no need to worry that if you’re sick or want to go away for a holiday that your efforts in the gym will be undone.

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