Why Balance to you offers the best small group personal training gym in Stafford north Brisbane

October 31, 2021

We believe that strength is the foundation pillar of a healthy body & balanced life. Our sessions are structured with a focus on building strength and restoring movement function. Strength & conditioning capacity are incorporated into training sessions so a lot of the time, we’re building strength whilst also increasing our energy systems capacity and endurance. You won’t see us slogging away on a treadmill or forcing members to do as many reps as they can leaving them with technique failure, lying in a pool of sweat and booking in to see a physio.

Training with us is efficient and effective, with training methods designed to increase strength, conditioning and overall health. We use proven and sustainable training protocols and ensure that members are catered for in accordance with their training experience, injuries and goals. Technique is the number one priority for us to ensure that you can train safely and effectively. Maximising your results in the gym and moving you towards your goals.

Our primary training focuses are hardstyle kettlebell training and barbell powerlifting. Kettlebells enable us to build strength efficiently and increase our fitness levels. Whilst the barbell allows us to train for strength, hypertrophy and maximal power. Members are too often surprised at how much they’re able to lift after having learned correct technique and trained various lifts for a period of time. This is what brings smiles to ours and our members faces!  

To us, the aesthetic side of fitness is a positive side effect to quality strength and movement training. First and foremost is strength and movement function and improving health. Hypertrophy is a bonus and looking good naked is an added plus to quality training.

Having the latter without the former is not sustainable and is a fast track way to poor health, misery and burnout. That’s not what we’re about!

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